Interlock Device

Save Lives with an Interlock Device

We install a breath analyzer (Breathalyzer) on your vehicle that is electronically connected to the ignition.  This device, the SSI-1000, is about the size of a cell phone.  When you breathe into the ignition Interlock device for several seconds, it measures your breath alcohol level and compares it with preset limits.  If you’re breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is over the authorized limit, your vehicle will not start.  If your BrAC is within the allowable range, you’re on your way.  Then, as you’re driving, you will be required to take periodic retests.

Call 1-800-880-3394 to schedule your installation appointment.

Bring a copy of any paperwork specific to your Interlock requirements, proof of address and photo identification with you to the installation.  Allow one hour for installation of the SSI-1000 Ignition Interlock on your vehicle.  At that time, we’ll explain how to use the Interlock, service requirements of what to do if you have any problems or questions.