November 25, 2019 all-day
Kennesaw Driving School
2690 Summers St A
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Cost: $495

September 2019
Sep 23 (Monday) 9-5:30
Sep 24 (Tuesday) 9-5:30
Sep 25 (Wednesday) 9-5:30
Sep 26 (Thursday) 9-5:30

October 2019
Oct 12 (Saturday) 9-5:30
Oct 13 (Sunday) 9-5:30
Oct 26 (Saturday) 9-5:30
Oct 27 (Sunday) 9-5:30

November 2019
Nov 25 (Monday) 9-5:30
Nov 26 (Tuesday) 9-5:30
Nov 27 (Wednesday) 9-5:30
Nov 28 (Thursday) 9-5:30

December 2019
Dec 21 (Saturday) 9-5:30
Dec 22 (Sunday) 9-5:30
Dec 23 (Monday) 9-5:30
Dec 27 (Friday) 9-5:30

December 2019
Dec 30 (Monday) 9-5:30
Dec 21 (Tuesday) 9-5:30
Jan 2 (Thursday) 9-5:30
Jan 3 (Friday) 9-5:30

Our Driver Education class and Driving lessons Kennesaw Driver Education class go beyond the basics… We teach new drivers to be confident, safe and courteous.. Your drivers license is a privilege, not a right..  Basic drivers education teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge required to obtain a drivers license in Georgia.  Kennesaw Driving School offers a full line of services to assure that your teenager is a safe, confident and responsible driver.

We are licensed to provide:

6 hours of the basic behind the wheel driver training.
The road driver training is private and conducted with a certified driving instructor.
(the 6 hours behind the wheel drive time must be scheduled with Kennesaw Driving School in 2 hour increments)

30 hours of online driver education as required by the Georgia DDS. Complete your 30-hour classroom course entirely online!

30 hours of classroom driver training as required by the Georgia DDS4 hours of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) are also required for all driving students under the age of 18 and are included in this classroom training.

Conduct the Georgia DDS Road Test. This is the same as taking the test at a Georgia DDS center. You will be graded, and if the test is successfully passed, a certificate will be issued for you to bring to a Georgia DDS center to obtain your Georgia Drivers license. (Road Test has an additional fee of $85)